The Role of Parents

As a homeschool, Little Mountain is owned and run by parents of children attending. At least one parent from all families is required to take an active part in the school by joining a team to support the continued development of the school. A representative from each team sits on the school board, along with the Headteachers and helps to support the teacher team and make decisions on behalf of all parents.

Parents are also encouraged to contribute to learning by sharing any knowledge, expertise or supporting with outings and trips. Parents are also required to attend meetings and workshops and may be asked to support teachers in different areas of learning. It is the belief here at Little Mountain that a home and school life that works together and communicates is the best way to meet a child’s needs and leads to a supportive relationship between teachers and parents.

Parent Teams

On admission of your child to Little Mountain, parents are asked to sign up to a Parent Team to support teachers and the development of the school in one area. Each team has a representative who is chosen by the team to sit on the school board, each post is held for 2 years. See the About Us page for our school structure.

The teams and their current representatives are:
Education Team – Pook Unwin
Fundraising & Marketing Team – Nutcha Thongpun
Finance Team – Tu
Maintenance Team – Lyse Kong
Homeschool Owners (this team is the parents to which all children with Thai nationality are registered as part of our Homeschool registration with the Thai Government.) – contact Suvitcha Pakkrasa
Head Teachers & Chair – Tom Burnett & Lucy Burnett

Parent Communication

Teachers stay in communication with parents through the school newsletter page on Facebook, which parents are added to when their child joins the school. Important messages, notices and documents are shared on this page as well as weekly pictures. Parents can also communicate with each other on this page.

Headteachers send out Information Letters 2-3 times per term to keep parents informed of key dates, trips and payment deadlines. The school phone number is the best way to get in touch directly with the teacher team and parents are encouraged to use this number as the main way to contact the school, emails can also be sent to the head teachers using the school email address.