The Little Mountain curriculum is built around the observation that children thrive when given the chance to explore their own ideas and learn at their own pace. The program encourages students to work together through monitored play. It provides structured choices that nurture collaboration and learning through imitation and problem-solving in a safe environment. Little Mountain aims to foster imagination and respect­ in a multicultural setting, helping children to flourish as individuals who care about each other and to prepare them for more formal learning in later years.

Incorporating Steiner/Waldorf approaches

Little Mountain recognizes that the main work of the child is play. Children are encouraged to play together, and individually, creatively and intelligently. This forms the basis of their ability to absorb formal learning when they are ready.

Rhythm and routine are the backbone of the day at Little Mountain. Children feel safe and secure when they have simple structures to follow and flourish when exposed to repetition of carefully selected activities, songs and stories.

The curriculum is based around the eight ‘multiple intelligences’ of Howard Gardner, with a rigorous assessment of progression in each area. The eight multiple intelligences are

  1. Linguistic
  2. Logic
  3. Interpersonal
  4. Intrapersonal
  5. Musical
  6. Bodily/Kinaesthetic
  7. Spatial
  8. Environmental/Cultural

Life skills

Our approach to education also seeks to incorporate skills essential for living! Examples of which might include building shelters, Making fires and and cooking from nature, growing rice, weaving, organic vegetable growing, needlework, household repairs, making toys from recycled material etc.

We endeavor to educate by example.  Pupils will work on ideas for sustainable living, practice traditional crafts and learn outdoor survival skills so that they get hands-on opportunities and build invaluable core qualities that will stay with them for life.

Thai curriculum

To ensure that parents and children are able to move freely between schools in the area, we adhere to the requirements proposed by the Thai curriculum, including regular assessments and certificates of achievement.