The Little Mountain curriculum is focused on creative skills, academic skills and life skills from Kindergarten up to Grade 6. It is built around the observation that children thrive when given the chance to explore their own ideas and learn at their own pace. The Little Mountain Curriculum has been written by the headteachers and parents in collaboration, creating a curriculum which incorporates the core areas of learning from the Thai curriculum and subjects in line with our school values and vision.

As we are a registered as a homeschool with the Thai Education Authority, we are required to adhere to the Thai curriculum which forms the basis of our school curriculum. This ensures that learning certificates of achievement are completed, allowing students of Thai Nationality to progress formally through the Thai education system.

At Kindergarten level, the curriculum encourages students to work together through monitored play. It provides structured choices that nurture collaboration and learning through imitation and problem-solving in a safe environment. Little Mountain aims to foster imagination and respect in a multicultural setting, helping children to flourish as individuals who care about each other and to prepare them for more formal learning in later years.

For more information about the curriculum please contact us directly via our Contact page.

Delivering the Curriculum

The curriculum allows for teaching at Little Mountain to take place in an engaging, interactive and ever changing manner. We have a child centred approach to learning which means teachers take inspiration from a number of education approaches and ideas; including Waldorf, Montessori, as well as more mainstream methods in order to support different needs and learning styles. We endeavour to create a warm, caring and open learning environment, supporting each individual child on their own learning journey.

Teachers seek to provide real life and hands-on learning opportunities to support different learning styles of the children at Little Mountain. We endeavour to take our learning beyond the confines of the classroom; learning outside in nature, regular outings where hands-on experience can be gained and inviting interesting crafts people to share their skills with children. Small learning groups allow teachers to work closely in supporting individual needs and form strong relationships with children.

Children of all ages are encouraged to play and explore together, to learn from and about each other and how best to be supportive and considerate of others. Children are also encouraged to play individually, creatively and intelligently. This forms the basis of their ability to absorb formal learning when they are ready.

Rhythm and routine are the backbone of the day at Little Mountain. Children feel safe and secure when they have simple structures to follow and flourish when exposed to repetition of carefully selected activities, songs and stories.

Life skills

Our approach to education also seeks to incorporate skills essential for life and promoting independence. Examples of which might include building shelters, making fires and cooking from nature. Whilst also promoting understanding of living sustainably and with respect for the environment, through activities such as growing and harvesting rice, organic vegetable growing, needlework, household repairs, making toys from recycled material etc.

We endeavour to educate by example. Pupils will work on ideas for sustainable living, practice traditional crafts and learn outdoor survival skills so that they get hands-on opportunities and build invaluable core qualities that will stay with them for life.