Eating together at the same time, and the same food is an important part of education and life learning that we as a school want to encourage.

Our school menu was designed by the parents with the intention of providing good nutrition for all the children and the teachers. We offer healthy and delicious vegetarian meals and are continually updating our menu with the help of our hard working resident chef. We use organic and locally grown ingredient as much as possible.

Monday Macaroni served in a vegetable and tofu sauce. Made with Pumpkin, cauliflower and carrot.
Tuesday Sushi-style seaweed rolls coated in roasted sesame seeds and a rice filling made with shredded organic egg omelette, raw cucumber and carrots.
Wednesday Pumpkin and organic egg tofu soup served with rice.
Thursday Creamy ‘orange’ soup made from carrot, celery and pumpkin, served with warm fresh bread and topped with crunchy croutons.
Friday Pizza bread topped with tomato sauce, mixed vegetables and cheese.

We also provide a morning and afternoon snack which consists of 1-2 of the following each day.

Morning snacks Banana (provided every day) in addition to – papaya, carrot/cucumber sticks, guava, warm quail eggs, peanuts, green mango, tomato slices, warm sweet potato.
Afternoon snack Watermelon, apple, orange segments, mango, pear, dragon fruit, grapes and other seasonal fruits.