Our mission

Our Mission

At Little Mountain Pai Community Homeschool it is our mission to offer an alternative to mainstream education for the families of Pai; providing a safe and engaging environment, with a child centred approach to learning. We deliver a bilingual curriculum that includes academic, creative and life skills with the role of the educators to guide and nurture the children to become independent and innovative thinkers caring for their community and environment, themselves and each other.


  • Immerse students into a bilingual environment - English and Thai are valued equally.
  • Learn in small groups with a high teacher to student ratio, within a fluid learning space and within nature.
  • Provide structured choices that nurture collaboration and learning through imitation and problem-solving in a safe environment.
  • Encourage expression, imagination, curiosity, and respect for one-another and all things.
  • Value routine at the heart of every day to build a sense of well being, belonging and safety.

“Skills and values essential to thrive as happy, fulfilled and active individuals”


At Little Mountain we value...


Showing kindness to yourself and others.
Respecting nature and the environment
Accepting and respecting yourself and others.


Love and nurture nature and your surroundings.
Explore the world around you through play.
Take time to get to know yourself


Celebrate & treasure our unique school community and Pai's rich and diverse community.
Children of all ages and levels play and learn together.
Routine and familiarity provide stability and wellbeing.


Freedom to learn in your own way at your own speed
Freedom to explore your creativity and imagination.
Freedom to be and love yourself!

Our Vision

  • Our children have respect for themselves, their bodies, their boundaries & the same for others.
  • Our children have practical skills for life and a positive attitude towards life-long learning.
  • Our children know and accept themselves, their passions, what makes them unique and happy.
  • Our school is known in Pai as a school for the whole community and has strong links with the community.
  • Our school continues to have a consistent and supportive teacher team with high teacher to student ratio.
  • Our school provides real-world learning opportunities for children.