The Little Mountain • Pai Community Homeschool
provides an engaging setting for learning for families here in Pai, northwest Thailand.
The school offers a child-centered approach for students from varied backgrounds
– currently aged three to eight years old – to develop the curiosity and skills
that promote health and happiness.

More About Us

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The Little Mountain curriculum is built around the observation that children thrive when given the chance to explore their own ideas and learn at their own pace.

The program encourages students to work together through monitored play.


Eating together at the same time, and the same food is an important part of education and life learning that we as a school want to encourage.

Our school menu was designed by the parents with the intention of providing good nutrition for all the children and the teachers.


There are two terms per school year.

Term 1:

Monday, 9th May, 2022 through to
Friday 23rd September, 2022

Term 2:

Monday 10th October, 2022 through to
Friday 3rd March, 2023